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Installing an EV charging station in your Home, Office or Business doesn’t need to be a big hassle. Let the experts at EVCHARGE4U take care of it.

EVCHARGE4U is proud to be a Preferred consultant and supplier of charging station solutions. We are a certified consultant/installer for major automobile brands.

While every EV charging station installation has its own specific needs, there are some considerations.
We are here to guide you through the process.

Electrical Capacity
When purchasing an electric car, it’s very important to know what electrical load capacity is available for your charging station(s). Planning the installation is important we need to calculate the available capacity of your dwelling. Then, we will assess the most optimal wiring solution, at this time we look also at alternative options. We’ll inform you if any electrical upgrades to your dwelling are required, We have the expertise to do the work properly,  we use the best materials and work according to the latest electrical code.

Utility Company Preparations
To help promote the adoption of electric cars, California has mandated electrical utilities to provide qualified reductions to your electric rate. PG&E and other utility companies have reduced residential rate options for EV charging stations, which will help to offset your increased electricity use and lower your bill. We encourage you to take advantage of these discounts!

more …. download ‘ Be prepared ‘ for residential charger installations

Service upgrades might not be necessary
In some cases, you may not have sufficient power on your incoming Main panel to Charge your Electrical Vehicle. A service upgrade would need to be performed. A service upgrade can be a costly addition. Evcharge4u has the perfect solution by adding a load balancer to your install. The load balancer measures your power usage and allocates available power to your charging station.